“Integrated system” Quality-Environment-Security
Tumidei spa’s board is very proud to have achieved this target, also because as of today this is one of the first certifications of this kind to be issued within the wood and furniture sector, to a Company dedicated to home design furnitures. The certification authority has also awarded Tumidei spa with a certificate of “EXCELLENCE”, for its commitment to systematically manage all relevant and complex aspects of the organization (such as effectiveness, efficiency, environmental impact, the workers’ health and safety and the fair treatment of co-workers) according to the international standards, towards the continuous improvement of performances and social impact of the Company’s activities.
ISO 9001=Quality
We care especially about the choice of non-toxic materials and low formaldehyde emission raw materials because we care about the health of those who use our products and those who work with us. Every day we work for increasing our clients’ trust, our constant and serious commitment for quality is testified by the ISO 9001 certification and by the frequent inspections by the certification authority ICILA supervisors. We believe that “working well” is the best way to work in today’s and tomorrow’s market.
ISO 14001=Environment
By certifying its environmental management system according to the iso 14001 standards, tumidei spa demonstrates that reaching and maintaining an ecofriendly behaviour, through the continuous controls of environmental aspects (causes) and impacts (effects) involved in its production and activities, is one of its main goals. the certification has been issued by icila(the leader certification authority for the wood and design sector).
OHSAS 18001=Security
The OHSAS 18001 certification of a Company’s health and safety management systems issued by ICILA (the leader Certification authority for the wood and design sector) is a certain warranty for Tumidei spa’s engagement for controlling and managing at its best the health and safety risks associated to working operations, aiming at their reduction and at continuous improvement by involving, raising commitment and awareness of all inhouse staff and contractors involved in the production process.

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