Tumidei Spa

companies are made of people
What is the best warranty a company can offer to its clients? The human relationship, a rare quality to be found in the working environment. However, in life as in business the real presence of a person, not only an interface to shortly interact with, represents the most valuable ingredient. Therefore Tumidei has placed the person, worker or client, at the centre of its business.
10 reasons to chose TUMIDEI SPA:
The most important things are often the ones that are not to be seen. Behind each product there is confidence that attention to detail is not a simple added value, but a true distinctive element. Therefore is Tumidei spa constantly confronting itself with the Italian manufacturing tradition, combining new, original ideas with a proven technical knowledge. This is how has established itself as a modern, international oriented company, which assures that every piece of design is studied into detail, from its project to its manufacture.

01 60 years of history
02 Planning and furniture engineering
03 Assistance service of high level
04 Certifications (ISO 9001 Quality - ISO 14001 Environment -OHSAS 18001 Security)
05 Ecopanels Class E1
06 Respect of the limits of the regulations on formaldehyde
07 Techinical and standard regulations applied to Tumidei’s products
08 Non-toxic varnishes - Sanitizing barriers
09 Energy cicle (chips and wood shaving + energy sun) to create energy in the maximum respect for the environment
10 Patented products
from the project to the product
From a residence hall to a multinational conference room, from a resort lounge area to the rooms of a business activity. TUMIDEI is able to face all different needs for the reception, business and relaxing world, thanks to its large sets of options, developed within the hospitality, workspace and retail sector. This cannot be considered a simple supply of design furniture: the road from the project to the product is conceived as a path to be shared with the client, analyzing his wishes and needs, in order to give shape to ideas and provide custom made solutions.
Tumidei is the team composed of employees who, relying on their professional skills and expertise, work for our clients in translating project dreams and expectations.
Our company is able to propose a virtually infinite number of different prototypes, starting, as usual, from a simple idea or a basical design. The melting work between technicians, production and quality control, gives always products of high excellence in quality and functionality.
Sample room
Every project needs detailed realization of the “sample room”. This room is completely assembled in the factory in a proper space hosting the Customer during the presentation of the finished product.

Tumidei, a company which counts on a 360° know-how; designing, production, choice of materials, feasibility studies for assembly tested in company in order to reach a well-planned critical path without any unforeseen.

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