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On-off System
ON-OFF is a living/sleeping system designed to transform your house, without the house noticing. It is not the usual sofa-bed for a stopgap solution, but a real bed placed over a real sofa. With a standard mattress of 18 cm height, ergonomic and comfortable, and many modular optional elements for a complete customization.
Is simplicity
With a few simple steps the living area becomes a full-blown bedroom. It’s the ON-OFF effect, a modular system that rethinks the whole convertible idea, looking into a new way to use the domestic space.The traditional sofa-bed, always a little uncomfortable being something in between the two, makes way for a surprisingly effective and simple idea, as simple as turning on the light.
Modular system
In the ON-OFF project, the seater system offers a range of modular elements, which can be assembled in various configurations. Some elements are extendable, just to allow the bed to be placed in the right position, ensuring the comfort you expect from a real bed. There are linear pieces, angular ones, in different depths, some with a “recliner” system that allows a maximum relax. Bookcases for the back of the sofa, four types of armrests, side tables and pouf with and without wheels, complete the range of modular elements of the ON-OFF.
Is comfort
And we tell you why.
The solid metal frame, combined with parts made of solid wood and recycled wood (eco-sustainability/compatible design), is completely covered with polyurethane foam, the cushions are designed for maximum comfort; back cushions are composed of natural feather and polyester fiber filling, the seats cushions are made of high density polyurethane foam (40 Kg/Mc) completely covered by a layer of wadding; the right mix of softness and support. What else to say ...sit back and relax!
Is real bed! High and comfortable for a safe rest
Although the ON-OFF elements are compact, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have what it takes to be a real bed: as the sleeping surface at a 58 cm height and a 18 cm thick mattress ...anything but a stopgap solution!
Is convenient transport and delivery. Less time and effort!!
In a world where everything has its importance, ease of transportation, handling and practicality are absolutely considered added values. Imagine having to bring your sofa bed to the 5th floor and that it does not fit in the elevator! ... Here ON-OFF comes with its careful design, which managed to optimize and make “easy” even this step. All elements are designed to be easily loaded on building’s standard elevators bringing any additional charge of transportation and handling services cost to “zero”.
Is function and comfort
ON-OFF proposes two types of headboard for the double and small-double bed, with padded cushion or flat cushion, depending on the depth of the Walk-in-closett chosen.
Is a dynamic design for each room of your house, but not only
Thanks to ON-OFF elements, your home gets dynamic and transformes itself to decorate in the best way possible the living/sleeping area, the living, even the area next to the kitchen. In this way one single space suits different personal interpretations beyond boundaries of physical space. With ON-OFF, perception comes first and customization has no limits. Actual square meters? Those that ON-OFF makes you live at its best!

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