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In 1999,Skanvea company, introduced Flexa in Chinese market, and, since then, they ve been focusing on it,becoming one of the most valuable brand in this field. Skenvea is based in Beijing,it has now 20 branches also in Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian…, dealing Flexa(Denmark), Lifetime(Denmark), Moll(Germany), Tumidei(Italy), Manis-h(Denmark),Suwem(Estonia)… Skanvea focuses on kids furniture and are proud of being able to provide not only the best products but also the best and expert service to its customers. Skanvea believes children is the most important people and it is our top responsibility to secure the health and safety of kids using our products. So Skanvea chooses to deal only with the best companies from Europe,either in terms of quality, function and design,or with the highest safety standards regarding chemical emission and ergonomics. Skanvea always makes effort to satisfy the needs of customers and at meantime, try to bring the latest fashion, taste, lifestyle and value to China. By doing this, we hope to make a difference for the future of kids and our society,specially with the Italian new entry in our family,Tumidei.

1-6-005 Booth
Skanvea Danish children's furniture
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No. 65 North 4th Ring East Rd
Chaoyang District
P.R. China

For more information: export@tumidei.it

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